It's Not Easy To Be Me

Confessing A Murder

The afternoon rays shone thru the glass stained windows of the Cathedral de Immaculata. From the third row of the altar, an old lady was on her knees automatically moving her fingers on the beads of the rosary. At the back of the church, where the life size statue of Immaculate Virgin Mary was situated, a pregnant woman was in tears as she stood in front of the statue and touched the Blessed Virgin’s feet.

Between the old woman’s mumbling recitation of the rosary and the pregnant woman’s sobbing, the Cathedral was ghostly quiet.

“Blessed me father for I have sinned.” A teenage boy began to say inside the confessional booth.

“Tell me what is troubling you, my son.” The priest asked.

“I killed a man.” The teenager said plainly.

“What?” The priest responded in shocked.

“Yes, Father I murdered a man in cold-blood.”

“But why?”

“For justice, Father.”

“My child revenge is not ours to have!”

“Who’s then, Father? God’s?”

“Son, God is just. He wouldn’t take revenge or struck anyone dead simply because that person has sinned against him. Our God is a forgiving and loving God who wants nothing but the best for us.”

“Then, why does your mighty God let innocent children die of hungry and diseases? Why does he allow injustices? Why did He allowed…” His voice was vigorously trembling.

“Allowed what my child?” The priest inquired.

“Why did God allowed that man to molest me?”

“Is that the reason why you killed that man?”

“Yes!” The teenager began to weep as he spoke. “He not only molested me but he also molested my younger brother!”

“Could you have at least reported him to the authorities?”

“How can I? No one will believe a drop-out kid who had been in trouble with the law, who would take my word against a man of the cloth?”

The priest gulped hard and beads of perspiration began to drop from his forehead.

“Kevin?” The priest said hoarsely.

“Yes, Father it is I.”

“Listen, child…”

Few minutes later, a teenage boy with curly locks dressed in faded jeans and grey hooded sweatshirt stepped out of the confessional box. He placed the hood on his head then put his hands inside the sweatshirt’s pockets and casually walked out of the Cathedral.

The evening news.

“Earlier this afternoon, the body of Father Henry of Cathedral de Immalucata was found brutally stabbed to death inside the confessional booth. Authorities are buffled as to the motives and identity of the killer.

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