It's Not Easy To Be Me


Finally, the rain stopped. It’s been raining for several days.

I jumped out of my bed and did my morning stretches. I felt good to have the warmth of the sun rays touched my skin once again. After I made my bed, I went to the john and release a wicked piss.

Scratching my bare tummy as I stepped out of the can, I heard my mom’s voice asking me what I wanted for breakfast. I yawned and mumbled something I couldn’t remember. I headed to the kitchen and washed my face and brushed my teeth. In the middle of my routine, I heard my brother shouting, “He’s dead! He’s dead!”

I hurriedly rinse the foam in my mouth and asked my brother what was going on. He was frantic and kept chanting, “He’s dead! He’s dead!”

I looked for my mom but I couldn’t see her. I went out of the house and saw my neighbors gathered in the street. They were crying. I walked near them and asked what was going on. O told me that his son, N, was dead. I just froze. I couldn’t believe that N was gone. I just saw him last night.

In their midst, I stood immobile. I could see their anguished reactions but I couldn’t hear any of their wails. Then, suddenly, I saw N.

It was night time. N was walking somewhere in a commercial place surrounded by tall buildings. The street was abandoned as he opened the door of his car. Then, he stopped in his track as someone called his name. N turned around and apparently it was a friend of his whose face I couldn’t see.

Next thing I saw was N was standing outside a condo unit with him was his friend from the parking lot whose face I still couldn’t see  and two other guys whose faces were somewhat blurred. Before N could enter the unit, one the guys stabbed him with a knife. The two other guys grabbed him from both sides as the third guy continued to stab him. After 8 insertions, the guys fled leaving N on the floor bathing in his pool of blood.

I woke up shaken by the nightmare I just had. Cold sweat covered my forehead and I could still feel my cheeks were wet. I calmed myself down before I got out of the bed. I went out my bedroom and headed towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water. As I was drinking, I turned around and there was N covered in blood lifeless on the floor.

I opened my eyes and found myself still on my bed. It was Friday afternoon and the rain outside continue to downpour.

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