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The Phenomenon That Is ALDUB

Last Saturday, #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate gets 12.1 million tweets. This hashtag baffled a lot of Twitter users worldwide.

That’s wickedly insane!

What’s so endearing about ALDUB that capture the hearts of Filipinos worldwide?

I cannot speak for the entire ALDUBNation but for me I like them and the show because

  • Eat Bulaga’s creative team was genius enough to recognize the sparkle between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) when the two ‘accidentally’ see each other via remote feed during the show’s segment Juan for All, All for Juan segment.
  • The fact that Alden and Maine hasn’t met each other in real life
  • ALDUB is like a modern Cinderella fairy tale
  • The fact that Kalye Serye does not use actual script and 99% of the spiels come from the wittiness of its casts – Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola
  • The fact that Jose, Paolo and Wally can portray different characters
  • Every episode is unpredictable
  • The Rogelios, The Bernardos and The Quandos
  • The contrast of traditional and modern Filipino values and how the two worlds can exist
  • The lessons that Lola Nidora tries to impart to the youth when it comes to love, life, responsibilities, family etc
  • How true love can wait and overcome obstacles
  • Etcera

Still 12M+? How come?

I really don’t know. Perhaps they are various factors why fans love ALDUB so much and how it affects people even the non-fans.

I believe that sociologists should take a closer look at this phenomenon for further study.

Could it be Filipinos are too freakin’ nauseated with the old and beaten formula of soap operas and Kalye Serye is a breath of fresh air?

Could it be Filipinos are too frustrated with our country’s economic-socio-political negativity and ALDUB gives us good vibes?

Again, I really dunno.

All l know is that I am more proud of my fellow countrymen. If we can unite to make ALDUB trend, then I believe together we can also make our country great.


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One response

  1. Larry

    I like your last comment. We can make our country great. but how? think this is the time sociologist might study how people esp. netizen likes the Aldub and how come Aldub Nation can unite that much tweet. Well observe the tweet! the fandom uses good vibes mementos; fan art/memes/vines. They spread positivity; 100%katolikong pinoy/papal twitter account. The creativity; story predictions/wattpad/poems/songs. What really lies in this and what makes it so enticing for people? i think the honesty of the show and giving empowerment to the netizen to be involved. By all these mean people can be united. The fact that the show provides good entertainment w/out meaning business, netizens reciprocated their support thru tweets.

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    September 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm

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